About Corporate Social Responsibility

TransUnion CIBIL is committed to advancing CSR for sustainable and socially responsible growth. Our GoodWorks@TransUnionCIBIL initiative champions effective community welfare programmes complying with the local regulations, aimed at taking “Utmost Care of the Society” fostering awareness and a culture of “Giving Back”.

Vision & Mission

  • Vision: Enriching lives by helping promote education, vocational skills and enable access to economic opportunities along with holistic health & well-being of the society. 
  • Mission: Company’s mission is to help foster the socio-economic development and holistic well-being of the underprivileged communities in India. In order to action our philosophy of “Giving Back”, we are committed to execute a series of sustainable interventions that promote primary-professional education and vocational training towards creating economic opportunities and also support programs for improving community health to advance the quality of lives.

From Harshala Chandorkar’s Desk

GoodWorks@TransUnionCIBIL exceeds statutory duties, delivering profound, lasting impacts through our CSR initiatives. Since 2015, we've been empowering communities with sustainable programmes for enduring success. Our initiatives in education and healthcare have progressively made meaningful contributions to underserved communities.

Our CSR strategy is sustainable, holistic, and inclusive, tailored to meet the changing needs of the communities and ensure an equitable future. Our partners and stakeholders play a vital role in driving the positive changes we strive for in the communities we support.

We take pride in our employees who have wholeheartedly adopted a culture of philanthropy, generously giving their time, expertise, and resources. Their remarkable commitment and vigour are the backbone of our GoodWorks volunteering efforts.

Collectively, we've impacted over 39,000 individuals through diverse programmes, united in our commitment to social responsibility.



TU CIBIL’s culture is deeply rooted in community giving, embracing the principle ‘I make a difference and so do you’. We believe in strengthening communities through collective action and individual impact. Our associates embody this conviction, engaging with enthusiasm in our volunteer programmes. Aligned with Schedule VII of the Companies Act 2013, we have launched significant initiatives in education, health, and vocational training.

Highlights to date include:

Employee Volunteering


Every TU CIBIL associate is proud to be a #ChangeMaker and is passionate about volunteering time, energy, and talent to aid less privileged sectors of society. GoodWorks@TUCIBIL provides opportunities to make a difference in a variety of virtual and field-based initiatives.

Associates Speak


"Growing up, I was taught the joy of giving surpasses receiving. Embracing this at TU CIBIL has been fulfilling. It's heartening to join a company that extends its impact beyond business operations. My first involvement was a football event, aligning with my love for the game and coaching. The connection with the children and uncovering their talents was inspiring. It's opened my eyes to further volunteering opportunities. Kudos to the CSR team for such impactful events – I look forward to participating in more."
Melvin Fernandes, Program Manager – PMO


“This is the second time I've had the pleasure of leading a workshop on CIBIL Scores for skill development students nationwide. Their keenness to grasp how credit scores can influence their futures is truly remarkable. These sessions are vital for guiding them towards positive credit histories. It's rewarding to see our GoodWorks initiatives spread such essential knowledge among the youth."
Berly Verghese, Director – Government Relations

Alumni Engagement

The #ProudToBeTUCIBILScholar Alumni Programme equips our scholarship graduates with key skills for professional growth. In the past year, we've engaged with our alumni in six sessions covering financial literacy, workplace safety, career guidance and professional skills development. We also hosted a meet and greet dinner event and celebrated Women’s Day together. We are proud of their achievements and aim to continue supporting them through this program.

Program Highlights:



"I actively participate in the alumni programme, which has been immensely educational. The interactions with industry professionals and their engaging sessions have taught me crucial skills like time management, workplace management, and professional development. The connections I made at the Delhi meet and greet have been supportive, offering help whenever needed. I eagerly anticipate future sessions on financial planning and income tax filing."
Abhishek Kumar Singh, TU CIBIL Alumni (2022-23)

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*Note: All beneficiary numbers are indicative and will be updated from time to time