Benefits of Membership Risk management solutions from TransUnion CIBIL offer a variety of advantages, including:

  • Objective credit decisions – Shifting from relationship-based to information-based lending equips lenders to provide terms best-suited to a consumer’s payment track record and ability to take on additional leverage — while mitigating the consequences of adverse selection.
  • Faster credit decisions – Enhances a credit institution’s ability to expand while maintaining credit portfolio quality.
  • Speed and cost – Use of TransUnion CIBIL CIRs helps make home loan processing faster and cheaper by eliminating the need to research and verify borrower details. This results in improved profit margins.
  • Differential pricing – Members can distinguish good borrowers and defaulters. In an increasingly commoditized credit market, credit grantors will be able to use price in order to differentiate their loan products.

Regulatory compliance Moreover, becoming a member of a credit information bureau ensures your organization’s compliance with the Credit Information Companies (Regulation) Act 2005. The Act stipulates all credit institutions, including NBFC’s, banks and other financial institutions, should be a member of a Credit Information Bureau.