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Our Analytics team is renowned for its pioneering analysts, statisticians, engineers and economists who provide a wealth of data and industry expertise. We have a modern computing system based on best-in-class big data technologies, and the freedom to explore new data sources and statistical methodologies. The team focuses on modeling and quantitative analysis related to credit, insurance risk, fraud detection, identity verification, account management, mortgage default/foreclosure, capital markets risk, insurance loss, prescreen marketing, retention, loyalty, cross-sale, and most other data-driven efforts in the consumer insurance and financial services industries.

“Insights from our data help to shape the credit lending industry in India.”

-Vipul Mahajan, Joint Vice President – Commercial Market Planner

Hear from our Analytics team

“From data comes powerful insights. I am a catalyst that drives positive impact and change.” Manisha, Joint Vice President, Product Development & Management

“I provide insights into consumer behavior so our customers can make informed decisions.” Priti, Core Credit Advisor

“Complex data becomes meaningful insights. And I'm behind it.” Yogesh, Joint Vice President – Analytics

What’s next?

We’re on an exciting journey at TransUnion and looking for enthusiastic team members who believe in using information to improve peoples’ lives around the world. We invite you to explore #LifeAtTU.

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