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We are a game-changing industry leader with purpose-driven global impact

Today, the desire for information is at an all-time high. In the right hands, information can unlock potential and opportunity around the world. That reality is the cornerstone of our mission: to help people around the world access the opportunities that lead to a higher quality of life, by helping organizations optimize their risk-based decisions and enabling consumers to understand and manage their personal information.

Every day, we source, analyze and provide data to consumers, businesses and organizations and enable them to make informed decisions that can lead to life-changing opportunities. Whether it is helping businesses better manage risk, providing better insights so a consumer can qualify for his first mortgage or working with law enforcement to make neighborhoods safer, we are improving the quality of life for individuals, families, communities and local economies around the world.

Capturing new opportunities everywhere

At TransUnion CIBIL, we believe that data represents the socioeconomic foundation that many global societies are built upon. Smarter decisions, healthier bottom lines, stronger communities, personal empowerment, greater certainty, thriving economies and brighter futures can all be realized on a global scale through the information we deliver.

This is an exciting time in our history. With investments in our people, technology and new business markets, we are redefining the role and purpose of a credit bureau. We are launching new products and expanding our services to businesses and consumers worldwide.