Driving our partner’s success

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Be at the forefront of driving scalable growth and delivering innovative solutions to consumers and businesses.

Sales at TransUnion is a combination of individual determination, ability and a solid organizational structure. Sales professionals here are encouraged to think beyond a script or formula, while tapping into our impressive portfolio to deliver customized solutions. Undeterred ambition, product knowledge, sales ability and a little bit of swagger all converge to make up the TU professional in Sales.

“Information is the key to success. And we have a lot of it.”

-Bhavesh Jain,
Vice President of Sales

What’s it like to work on this team

“Together, we work collaboratively to get things done. That is Life at TU.” Sujata, Vice President, DTC Interactive

Information for good goes beyond the bottom line. I facilitate growth for individuals and customers. I am a force for good.” Gopika, Deputy Vice President – Sales

“Originality. Forward thinking. I innovate and work with cutting-edge solutions. I am leading the way.” Ashish, Sales Manager

What’s next?

We’re on an exciting journey at TransUnion and looking for enthusiastic team members who believe in using information to improve peoples’ lives around the world. We invite you to explore #LifeAtTU.