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Being a force for good starts at home

At TransUnion CIBIL, our associates are our greatest asset. We also recognize the importance of providing a healthy balance between work and home because being a force for good starts there. Our employees receive best-in-class benefits that are highly competitive.

Flexible Work Hours: At TransUnion CIBIL, we recognize the importance of having a balanced work life. We encourage our team members to finish their work during the work day and discourage either late sitting or taking work home. Our attendance policy allows our employees flexibility to address personal matters.

Health and Wellness: We offer regular executive health check-ups for all employees. Periodic Health and Wellness sessions are scheduled. A clinical psychologist has been empaneled who is available every fortnight for the employees.

Professional Membership Programs: Employees are given opportunities to develop their skills through Professional Membership and Education Benefits Program at TransUnion CIBIL and various workshops. Individuals can opt for courses that would help them in enhancing their skills. Employees will be entitled to reimbursement of Annual Membership Fees of two Professional Educational Institutions where they have professional memberships as per eligibility.

Education Benefits Programs: TransUnion CIBIL supports continuing education. Each employee can choose to do part time courses. A part of the total fee of pre-approved part time courses is reimbursed on completion of each phase.

Care: Connecting Hearts and Minds of its team members is important. It is equally important to build a relationship with the family members of our team members. Every year the “Family Day” is a red letter day when we welcome family members of all ages to our office premises. Fun activities and contests followed by a grand lunch are a part of the day.

Our employee policies are designed keeping in mind the Care element. Flexible Working Hours, Education sponsorship, Medical and other Benefits have gone a long way in engaging the team members at TransUnion CIBIL. Career Counselling and Industry experts giving Employees an outside perspective as a part of grooming also forms a part of the agenda.