CIBIL Emerging corporate Rank (CER)

Predict credit risk and take prudent lending decisions.

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Access the credit risk ranking of Emerging Corporates for better business and risk managementUnderstanding the historical credit behaviour of your borrowers and being able to predict the risk in the near future will help in profiling your borrowers better and strategise your growth potential. It becomes pertinent to assess the mid-sized or emerging corporates with an average aggregate exposure of Rs10 crores – Rs50 crores more judiciously given the larger loan ticket size and monitor the behavior on regular basis.
Tap into our largest database on commercial entities with over 2400 members; comprising banks, financial institutions, non-banking financial companies, housing finance companies; regularly providing credit updates. These credit data can provide you with useful insights that help lenders like you to manage risks proactively and effectively and thus build better business.

CIBIL Emerging corporate Rank (CER) is applicable across the loan lifecycle.

CER for Acquisition/Renewals Pre-screening of your borrowers basis the CIBIL Emerging corporate Rank (CER) will improve operational efficiencies.

CER for Risk Appraisal CIBIL Emerging corporate Rank (CER) supplements the underwriting process by providing an objective and consistent interpretation of the credit risk associated with your borrower.

CER for Portfolio Monitoring and Management Monitor the risk transition of your borrowers and manage the portfolio health.

CER for targeted automated decisions Set the right limits for your borrowers. Use the CER insights to deliver automated renewal/enhancement decisions.

Product highlights
  • Build and implement business and risk management strategies tailored to the behaviour of your borrowers

  • Gain predictive power to make better decisions

  • Lend with confidence

  • Manage credit risk better

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