Bureau Credit Characteristics

Gain insight from your customers’ credit information to build relationships and make more informed decisions

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Turn your knowledge of potential customers’ credit characteristics into an advantage
Having a complete, objective view of your customers’ credit information is key to building long-term relationships and a profitable business. Bureau Credit Characteristics uses analytics to produce a list of predefined characteristics that summarize various aspects of a customer’s credit information. 
This information can be used for various account management purposes, such as model development, data analysis, customer profiling and migration analysis. With access to comprehensive customer data and an enhanced ability to identify trends, you can focus on your best customers and optimise portfolio performance.

Product Highlights
  • Comprehensive, objective overview of a customer’s credit information

  • Based on analysis of comprehensive customer data

  • Includes multiple characteristics that can be used for account management

  • Helps focus on best customers, grow relationships and build a profitable business

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