CIBIL Credit and Farm Report

Make prudent agriculture lending decisions using Credit and Farm information

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Access Credit & Farm information of the borrower to assess their Credit Risk and Farm performance to make suitable lending decisions for Agriculture lending

CIBIL Credit & Farm Report enables strengthened loan underwriting process by making available data points on credit history along with Crop performance and Farm ownership of the borrower in a single comprehensive report. Financial Institutions can do the assessment for new loan originations’ and existing loan renewals objectively. Apart from credit history, report provides Farm information including crop identification and performance for last 6 seasons i.e. Kharif and Rabi in the scientific way using Geospatial technology. Report will assist members in easy and quick assessment of the Agriculture loans along with managing risks associated.

CIBIL Credit and Farm Report is applicable across the Agriculture loan life cycle

CIBIL Credit and Farm Report for quick KCC (Kisan Credit Card) Renewals

Pre-screen & provide quick financial assistance to farmers before sowing season, thus driving faster loan disbursals & better experience

CIBIL Credit and Farm Report for Risk assessment.

Information from multiple sources on credit and Farm information, available in single concise report provide an objective and quick risk assessment enabling sharpened credit underwriting for Agriculture lending

360 degree view of the Credit Risk along with Crop Production and Market Risk

CIBIL Credit information combined with Farm information provide holistic assessment of credit risk along with Crop production and Market Risk

Product Highlights
  • Easy to consume Farm performance, Land Ownership & Credit parameters at single place

  • Reduce the loan disbursal time and appraisal cost

  • Assess Credit Risk along with Crop Production and Market Risk

  • Know your customer better by assessing farm activities.

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