CreditVision® Debt Management Model

Easier and Faster call to action leading to effective engagement of customers to maximize recoveries in the borrowing cycle

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Collect More and Spend Less with TransUnion Cibil’s CreditVision® Debt Management Models

TransUnion CIBIL offers solutions and products that can prioritize your collections efforts. The CreditVision Debt Management Model combines TransUnion’s proven analytics and richer, deeper data to help organizations increase recovery rates, better predict debtor behavior, locate and validate information pertaining to bad debt, and reduce operational costs.

With the solution, you can work more accounts and achieve better results—while expending less time and fewer resources. The important report information can streamline your collections processes, prioritize your team effort and maximize the return for every agent call.

CreditVision Debt Management Model offers lenders with an easy to use and an easy to integrate solution and enables them to -

Treat customers fairly

Find the right treatment strategy for your customer powered by the predictive power of our Collections Scores suite

Use valuable credit data

Create efficiencies in the process & improve recoveries for lenders

Increase recovery rates, reduce bad debt, and collections cost

An easy to integrate and ready to use solution

Product Highlights
  • Spend more time recovering debt and less time pursuing uncollectable accounts.

  • Predict the likelihood of consumer rolling back from their current delinquency bucket.

  • Tweak the communication and recovery methods according to the different personas of your consumer.

  • Effectively identify the right customer for collections prioritization.

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