CreditVision Premium Algorithms

Gain a more complete view of consumers and their credit histories through greatly expanded information.

An in-depth view into consumer behavior empowers you to make informed lending decisions

The power of actionable insight can help you do business better. CreditVision Premium Algorithms is designed to do exactly that. It comprises a suite of solutions that gives a broader and deeper insight of a consumer – from historical trends to predictions of future behaviors.

It helps you talk to the right customers and prospects, make better lending decisions and more effectively manage your portfolio risk. Powered by enriched data, credit performance trends and behaviors, and analytics, CreditVision insights create value across the entire consumer lifecycle, giving you a comprehensive view of consumer performance. This next generation view empowers you to take better and more informed profitable marketing, risk and collections decisions.


CreditVision Premium Algorithms can be used across the customer lifecycle.

CreditVision for Risk

It helps quantify and address risks associated with revolving consumers as against transacting consumers. While identifying consumer credit cycles sooner, and with greater precision, CreditVision Premium Algorithms can pinpoint credit behaviors in line with current capabilities (such as payment ratios and excess payments). This results in more informed and safeguarded decisions for you.

CreditVision for Marketing

CreditVision Premium Algorithms enhances the ability to target potential loan-consolidation consumers by understanding balance shifts over time. It understands the consumer balance build off-portfolio and the impact to your receivables. It targets the off-use revolver and transactor behavior and gives you clear marketing outlines.

CreditVision for Collection

By using CreditVision Premium Algorithms for collection, all collections efforts can be focused only on customers who have made payments on other accounts. This pointed action saves time and efforts, enabling you to focus your strategy in one direction.


View up to 36 months of trade line data to predict consumer performance

Identify consumer behaviours that were not previously possible

Payment amount and account history unlock insights into consumer behavior

Summarise newly identifiable behaviours in easy-to-consume variables

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