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DecisionEdge Acquisition Manager

Optimise your customer acquisition strategies with targeted, automated decisions and relevant insights

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Acquire more customers and create profitable growth through swift and precise decisionsIn a shifting credit landscape, it’s imperative to get insights into customer behaviour, preferences and risk, and act on them to drive profitable growth. With DecisionEdge® Acquisition Manager, marketing and risk professionals can deploy effective strategies and make better decisions about customer and credit risk.
This powerful, easy-to-integrate tool enables you to automate and standardize credit risk policies and track the auditing and reporting of credit decisions, so you can make the right offer to the right person through the right channel. The end-to-end solution from TransUnion delivers automated decisions at the point of interaction with your customer, while also providing efficient and accessible tools for manual review.

Product Highlights
  • A configurable portfolio of sophisticated decisioning solutions

  • Flexible, efficient and reliable architecture

  • Built with advanced industry, analytic and technology expertise

  • Automate and standardize with ease

  • Available in either customizable or preconfigured decisioning solutions

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