Protect your business from fraud with comprehensive information on high-risk customer behaviour

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Identify high-risk behavior that could indicate potential fraud
Pinpoint and reduce risk by assessing applicants with Detect—India’s first national-level repository of information that enables you to identify high-risk activities and potential fraud. 
Based on detailed information provided by a wide range of lenders, Detect provides you with an easy and cost-effective way to access and share comprehensive information on high-risk activities that could indicate fraud. 
You shall be able to assess the creditworthiness of customers applying for any kind of financial relationship at account acquisition stage, as well as monitor your existing portfolio. With greater insight into high-risk activities, you will be able to make prudent decisions, lend with greater confidence and mitigate risk in your business.

Product Highlights
  • India’s first national-level repository of information on high-risk financial activities

  • Detailed information contributed by a wide range of lenders

  • Gain insight into activities that indicate potential fraud

  • Assess the creditworthiness of new applicants

  • Lend with confidence and mitigate the risk of fraud

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