FIT Rank

Assess profiles of many more MSMEs with sharper risk differentiation using alternative data and drive incremental credit growth

The New Age FIT Rank that will redefine Risk assessment

The changing dynamics of the lending industry makes it pertinent to understand the nuances of credit behavior with the use of alternative data and not relying upon credit information alone.

FIT Rank triangulates Financial, Income & Trade information from multiple sources such as: Banking information through bank statements, Financial & Income Information from Income Tax Returns and Trade data through GST Returns & uses machine learning algorithms to predict the probability of a borrower defaulting on its loan repayment in the next 12 months. FIT Rank risk differentiates on a scale of 1 to 10, FIT-1 being the least risky borrower and FIT-10 being the most risky.


FIT Rank (Finance, Income & Trade Rank) is applicable across the loan life cycle

FIT Rank for Acquisition

Pre-screen & provide financial assistance to many more MSME profiles, thus driving incremental credit and revenue growth for lenders

FIT Rank for Risk appraisal

Information from multiple sources provide an objective and improved risk differentiation enabling sharpened credit underwriting for MSME loans

360 degree MSME view with FIT Rank and CMR (CIBIL MSME Rank)

FIT Rank combined with CIBIL MSME Rank (CMR) enhances the ability to score more MSMEs as well as achieve better risk differentiation


Assess & acquire many more MSMEs with sharper risk differentiation

Apply alternative data based insights and make the best decisions

Assess New to Credit borrowers in an objective manner

Lend with Confidence

Manage credit risk better

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