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Strengthen terms with good customers and detect potentially high-risk customers easily, swiftly and accurately

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Be effective and confident while making decisions regarding customer identity As purchasing power rises across the population, it’s imperative to distinguish potentially good customers from those who pose a risk to your business. 
Identity Manager is a powerful suite of verification and authentication services that combines vast amounts of data and analytics to deliver insights into consumers and identify fraud risks. It can approve good customers and highlight potential fraudsters with equal speed, accuracy and ease. It protects the interests of your business by enabling higher approval rates and reducing back office time and expenses.

Identity Manager verifies and authenticates identities through different channels

Identity VerificationGet real time insights into consumer identity risk to comply with regulations and distinguish good and potentially high-risk customers. Rich data and powerful algorithms verify consumer identities and detect unusual patterns, links and behaviours.

Digital VerificationGet a thorough analysis of the device that a consumer is using, the consumer’s digital identity and behaviour on your web site. Combined analytics produce information that helps create a predictive consumer identity, giving you greater confidence in making critical consumer decisions.

Identity AuthenticationFor organizations that require more enhanced authentication capabilities, one-time passcodes to verify phone numbers or questions based on consumer data are an integrated component of Identity Manager. This enables you to strengthen controls for addressing fraud while retaining good customers.

e-Verificatione-Verification is an enhanced and configurable solution that connects your organization to third-party databases to help verify good consumers faster while identifying potentially high-risk customers. It’s geared toward expanding business functionality with minimal infrastructure enhancements.

Product Highlights
  • Need to distinguish potentially good customers from high-risk customers

  • A powerful suite of verification and authentication services

  • Combines data and analytics for greater insight

  • Detects potential fraud while quickly approving good customers

  • Saves back-office times and expenses

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