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Detect suspicious identities and applications information and improve customer experience and portfolio profitability

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Use of verification and analytics to improve fraud intelligence and detection, hence make data driven decisions in real time IDVision bridges together bureau data, location data along with information from multiple alternate data sources to expose identity and fraud threats that is very effective in preventing fraud at the time of origination. It also ensures regulatory compliance.

It enables data driven risk assessment, detection and mitigation of potential fraud applications. Reduction of false positives result in better customer experience.

IDVision is applicable at the time of acquisition, during customer lifecycle or portfolio verification

IDVision for AcquisitionVerify the identity of the application and ensure minimum customer friction and greater approvals for your potential customers

IDVision for Fraud CheckCheck for historical fraud patterns and behaviors in the identity elements of the application helping early detection and ensuring healthy portfolio

IDVision for Portfolio ManagementIdentity Verification, eKYC can help you to be KYC and AML compliant through a regular and timely portfolio verification of your books of accounts

IDVision for Automated DecisionsUse IDVision at the point of acquisition and verify location automating processes and decisions based on verification score cut off to take better decisions

Why TransUnion

With increasing financial inclusion, TransUnion CIBIL can leverage its robust data and use it along with alternate data to verify an individual completely and avert complex and evolving fraud patterns.

Our solution complements our strength to provide verification matches on bureau, and other data sources and also determine if there has been a reported fraud history associated with the applicant

Product Highlights
  • Verify applications at the time of acquisition

  • Adhere to regulatory compliance

  • Balancing identity/fraud risk with delivering a good experience

  • Early detection of fraud (at the point of originations) for a better defense

  • Staying ahead of fraudsters through continuous learning

  • Reduction in cost (fraud, lost customers, operations)

  • Better and faster decisions through automated processes

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