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Calculate a reliable income estimate for more confident decision-making across the business value chain

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See a more holistic income profile of consumers

For many businesses, having a clear view into a consumer’s financial capacity is very important. Our Income Estimator model is built using bureau exclusive, historical credit information and proprietary income prediction algorithms which provide a reliable income estimate for an individual. The solution is deployed across the customer credit lifecycle, enabling you to target the right customers for campaigns, underwrite faster, determine appropriate product offerings and formulate cross-sell as well as collection strategies.

Income Estimator is available on demand to assist with credit business decisions

Income Estimator for acquisition and retention

Select high-value, creditworthy customers to deliver quantified, customized offers. With known income, products and services can be revisited to match customer expectations for better retention. Offerings can be periodically revised to match rising income.

Income Estimator for faster underwriting

Where the declared income is greater than the income predicted by the model, these cases can be green channeled for underwriting. As the model predicts a conservative minimum income estimate, risk teams can be more confident.

Formulating a collection strategy

Assessing the ability to repay is the crux of an effective collections strategy. With known income levels, customers can be slotted into different risk buckets and collections strategies can be refined accordingly.

Product Highlights
  • Built using historical credit information and income prediction algorithms

  • Narrow income bands for precise targeting

  • Able to capture comprehensive income of an individual for enhanced offerings

  • Available in real time for swift business decisions

  • Promotes more precise targeting and better management and recovery

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