Locate Plus

Access updated and accurate contact information in a fast, cost-effective manner for collections and more

Leverage the power of updated and accurate customer contact details to enhance your processes

The Indian market has vast potential with its massive population and increasing buying power. However, managing the contact information of existing and potential customers can be a big challenge. Locate Plus is a reliable, comprehensive database that provides accurate contact information so you can stay in touch with your customers.
The database includes customer identification details, contact addresses (with reported dates) and all contact numbers, eliminating the time-consuming and costly information management process. With up-to-date contact details for customers, banks and financial institutions can optimise the collections process and achieve better bottom line results quickly and cost-effectively.


Manage contact information of customers with ease

CIBIL Locate Plus is a reliable, comprehensive database

Eliminates the need for time-consuming and costly information management

Provides accurate and updated information

Helps optimise the collections process

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