Mortgage Check

Assess mortgage applications and make informed decisions with access to a national database of mortgage information

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Assess mortgage applications using comprehensive information on loans held against properties
Having access to detailed information on mortgages taken on a property enables you to consider mortgage applications more objectively and mitigate the risk of fraud. 
The Mortgage Check is India’s first centralized electronic database of mortgage information. Developed in consultation with the National Housing Bank (NHB) and other industry institutions, it uses sophisticated match logic customized for the Indian market that allows banks and financial institutions to share and access mortgage information easily, consistently and cost-effectively. It provides insight into loans against properties across lending institutions, helping you reduce fraudulent transactions, exercise due diligence and protect your business in the process.

Product Highlights
  • Access mortgage information in a consistent and cost-effective manner

  • Gain insights into property loans across lending institutions

  • Assess new mortgage applications objectively

  • Approve applications with confidence and mitigate risk

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