Empowering Credit Inclusion: A Deeper Perspective on New-to-Credit Consumers

Understanding this important segment’s unique profiles and needs to enable positive credit journeys

The fact that tens of millions of consumers globally become New-to-Credit (NTC) each year is advantageous to lenders for a variety of reasons. Helping emerging consumers early in their credit journeys can build long-term loyalty and profitable relationships. Further, providing NTC consumers with access to the products and tools to be successful can lead to financial mobility and a better quality of life, and more broadly, drive regional economic growth.

In this new TransUnion global report, we examined NTC consumers in regions around the globe, exploring a host of attributes, such as: age, attitude toward credit access, most appealing credit products, performance, credit expectations going forward, and more. Our findings can assist lenders in setting their strategies to profitably expand credit access to new consumers who are creditworthy and deserving while helping them achieve their goals.

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