CIBIL Commercial Report

Analyze the credit information of commercial borrowers to make prudent lending decisions.

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Use extensive credit reports of commercial borrowers to assess their financial responsibility
The CIBIL Commercial Report provides you with comprehensive and multi-dimensional credit file information on potential commercial borrowers so you can make more informed lending decisions. These borrowers include, among others, public limited companies, private limited companies, partnership firms and proprietorships.
The Commercial Credit Information Report offers a wealth of data, ranging from rich credit data sets based on business need to risk scores and more. You can evaluate the financial responsibility of potential commercial borrowers and minimize instances of concurrent and serial defaults. This enables you to create better opportunities for your business as a credit grantor.

Product Highlights
  • Access credit histories of potential commercial borrowers

  • Gain insights into overall borrowings across lending institutions

  • Assess financial responsibility before you make a decision

  • Disburse credit faster while sustaining business profitability

  • Lend with confidence and mitigate risk

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