Protect your interests by identifying the potential risks of an applicant with India’s most trusted credit scoring model

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Make smarter decisions, manage risk and simplify loan approval with our credit-scoring model
As a loan provider, you need to know which applicants are most and least likely to honour their loan obligations responsibly. India’s first credit-scoring model gives you predictive insight into consumer risk behavior so you can make more strategic lending decisions.
The CIBIL Score effectively predicts whether a potential borrower is likely to default on one or more trade lines after 91 days in the next 12 months. The score considers all the borrower’s trades, secured and unsecured, enabling you to better manage risk, minimize losses and increase profitability.

Product Highlights
  • Get predictive insight into consumer risk

  • Know if a potential borrower may default after 91 days on one or more tradelines in the next 12 months

  • Make more profitable decisions about customers and prospects

  • Lend with confidence, grow your portfolio and mitigate risk