Identity Verification (IDV)

Comprehensive identity verification score generated by screening the loan applicant’s demographics against variety of data sources.

Leverage data points from a variety of sources to generate proprietary match scores for sound customer onboarding decisions.

Identity Verification is an enhanced and configurable solution for verifying the identity of your potential customers. Identity Verification enables you to gain confidence in the applicant and get additional insight into their profiles by leveraging various plug and play data sources. Smart alert messaging and TransUnion CIBIL’s proprietary scoring logic enables you to make effective customer onboarding decisions in real time. It enables you to screen against potential high risk applications thus reducing losses.

Identity Verification helps control costs by identifying good customers and flagging suspicious data that indicate potential high risk, thus optimizing manual reviews. It also improves operational efficiencies of the onboarding funnel by delivering consistent and reliable verification results.


Golden data sources

Leverages data points from national sources of truth, TransUnion CIBIL ‘Detect’ fraud repository and the TransUnion CIBIL Consumer Credit Bureau

Proprietary scores

Comprehensive Verification Score, match score across data points across customer demographics

Omni-channel delivery

Scores available on-demand through easily configurable API, Reports and batch scrubs

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