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Under GoodWorks@TransUnion CIBIL we have executed a series of sustainable programs that promote primary and professional education thus creating livelihood opportunities to mainstream economically and socially challenged groups into the cycle of growth, development and empowerment.

We have deployed socially relevant programs for welfare and sustainable development of the community at large complying with all the local regulations. Aligning with the core value of Sustainability for taking “utmost care of society” by creating awareness about the less privileged and encouraging the practice of “Giving Back”.

Enriching lives through education & skills to create financial independence.

It is our Mission to: Contribute to the development of the socio-economic well-being of underprivileged children – primarily girls, youth and women in India. In conformity with the philosophy of “Giving Back”, the company is committed to execute a series of sustainable interventions that promote primary-professional education and enhance vocational skills thereby creating livelihood opportunities to advance the quality of lives.

Giving back to the communities is ingrained in the culture of TransUnion CIBIL. We believe that every individual makes a difference and together we create stronger communities. Considering this, we have embarked on certain initiatives pertaining to education and livelihood aspects of sustainable development.
CSR Focus Areas

A. Imparting Primary Education
Supporting Tribal School Under GoodWorks@TU CIBIL, we support Eklavya Parivartan Vidyalay located in Palghar District. A residential school for around 300 tribal girls established by Vidhayak Sansad Trust with the objective of socio-economic development of the tribal community. The majority of these students are first generation learners who belong to the families of underprivileged primitive Katkari tribe. This school serves as an incubator for educating these deprived tribal girls. We have undertaken the responsibility of supporting the educational, operational, infrastructural & skill developmental expenses of this school.

With an aim to foster the holistic development of these students, TransUnion CIBIL supports the school to provide child-friendly conducive environment and impart quality education through digitalized classrooms. Various meaningful initiatives are carried out such as training sessions for teachers to enhance their teaching pedagogy, workshops on personal and fire safety for students, sessions on soft skills, regular health checkup camps, exposure visits for students and teachers, etc. These students are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities like karate, sports, music, art & craft, tailoring etc.

This initiative by GoodWorks@TU CIBIL has contributed towards the holistic development of students by providing them quality education to mainstream them in the society.
Supporting Tribal School

B. Supporting Higher Education
Scholarship Program With an aim to create financial independence and to bridge the prevalent gap between the needy students and their desired education, GoodWorks@TU CIBIL has initiated scholarship projects for students coming from the underprivileged sections of the community. Students are provided with scholarships to support their ambition of pursuing Graduation and Post-Graduation courses.

Scholarship is provided to students who qualify the set criteria through an online scholarship platform. Also, these students are exposed to soft skills workshops conducted by employees of TransUnion CIBIL.

TransUnion CIBIL has awarded scholarships to over 600 deserving students. Post completion of studies, these students receive jobs in respective fields and hence have been able to contribute to their family income.
Scholarship Program

C. Livelihood Program
Skill Development Center Acknowledging the importance of livelihood, GoodWorks@TU CIBIL is working towards imparting employment oriented skill development initiatives. GoodWorks@TU CIBIL has launched a sustainable skill development initiative: Project ‘Udaan’, wherein community youth are offered government certified trainings in livelihood oriented skills, along with soft skills which is an essential part for overall readiness of the candidate to take up a job.

Project ‘Udaan’-a community based skill development center is exclusively supported by GoodWorks@TU CIBIL. The community youth are enrolled and trained in livelihood courses like Basic and Advance Beautician and Assistant Nursing. Also, these trained youth are offered suitable employment opportunities. Through this initiative GoodWorks@TU CIBIL aims at creating financial independence in the lives of 150 youth.
Skill Development Center

D. Employee Engagement TransUnion CIBIL’s CSR Program offers an opportunity to its employees to contribute in transforming the lives of the underprivileged. GoodWorks@TU CIBIL’s involvement goes beyond community projects as our employees also provide their time and support by conducting various meaningful employee engagement initiatives throughout the year. Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement 
Kerala flood and Odisha Cyclone Disaster relief activity 
Employee Engagement

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