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Giving Back To Society
At TransUnion CIBIL, we believe in keeping the overall well being of the society at the core of our values and purpose. For us, Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability are not mere obligations but are vital pillars of our continual success.

Our core value of Sustainability is aligned to taking “utmost care of society” by creating awareness about the less privileged and encouraging the practice of “Giving Back”.

TransUnion CIBIL’s community investment is focused on the core theme of “Educating the girl child”.

The main objectives of TransUnion CIBIL’s CSR policy is:

  • To create self-sustained improvement in the life of a “girl child” by facilitating continued education
  • To encourage employees to contribute in terms of both efforts / time and monetarily
  • To generate a feeling of goodwill among employees as well as stakeholders

Arun Thukral, Advisor, TransUnion CIBIL, Board of Directors says, “If a child receives an education, their life changes. Education is prerequisite for a changed life. I was very keen that if we can even change one girl’s life, we would have been doing our job. That’s were this came from.” Arun champions heavily for the education of India’s marginalized youth, especially girls. Citing India’s historic male – preference and his desire to combat it, Arun firmly believes that the effects of TransUnion CIBIL’s transformative philanthropic efforts will extend further in the years to come and believes that “If the mindset of a woman changes, it will change the world.”

TransUnion CIBIL also encourages its employees to participate in philanthropic and social initiatives.

  • Monetary Contribution at an organizational level and Employee Payroll Giving:
    TransUnion CIBIL has endeavored to contribute financially to a cause / causes it deems fit. Voluntary monetary contribution made through the employee Payroll. The employee can decide the amount as well as the area towards which they would like their contributions to be made to.
  • Employee Volunteering:
    As creating socially conscious and contributing citizens is the underlying objective of the TransUnion CIBIL CSR agenda, all CIBIL employees are eligible to take “One Man-Day” in a financial year to contribute time and efforts to volunteer at NGOs of their choice or at an NGO that TransUnion CIBIL is contributing to.

TransUnion CIBIL supports the education of the girls from marginalised backgrounds living in slum areas in and around Mumbai in association with NGOs Muktangan and Community Aid and Sponsorship Program (CASP).

Girls coming from low income families living nearby aged 4 to 14 years from municipal schools leaving nearby are admitted. It is a unique model the teacher is from the community.

Education of girls aged 4 to 14 years from slum areas in Bhandup (suburb in Mumbai) is sponsored. The program is integrated with the municipal school systems.

TransUnion CIBIL is also supporting the education of the girl child from the Katkari Tribe in association with NGO Vidhayak Sansad.

Vidhayak Sansad
Education of girls aged 4 to 14 years belonging to Katkari Tribe (with literacy rate of less than 1%) is sponsored. Most of them are getting their first opportunity to learn to read and write.

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