Corporate Social Responsibility

We at TransUnion CIBIL, are continuously evolving our corporate social responsibility strategy and working towards becoming a more sustainable and socially responsible organization.

Under GoodWorks@TransUnion CIBIL, we are committed to implement a series of sustainable & socially relevant programs for the welfare of the community at large complying with all the local regulations. Our GoodWorks initiatives are aimed at taking “utmost care of the society” by creating awareness and encouraging the practice of “Giving Back”.

CSR Vision & Mission:

CSR Vision & Mission

Giving back to the communities is ingrained in our people and in the culture of TransUnion CIBIL. We believe that every individual makes a difference and together we create stronger communities. Considering this, we have embarked on certain initiatives pertaining to education and health aspects of sustainable development.

CSR Inclusive Approach
CSR Inclusive Approach

Under GoodWorks@TU CIBIL through the implementation partner, we support two BMC schools located in Mumbai with an aim to foster the holistic development of students. We are dedicated to support quality education, capacity building of teachers, enriching learning opportunities for children, effective school governance and enhancing parental involvement in education process for better impact.

By supporting this initiative, over 600 children receive quality education. Majority of these children are from low-income communities and are getting right set of opportunities to avail education. This initiative has contributed towards the over-all development of students by providing them quality education to mainstream them in the society, thereby building nation’s bright future.

We support this initiative of the implementation partner which aims at maximizing the potential of students and providing holistic education focusing on excellence in core academic skills, activity based learning, development of socio-emotional skills and values, active engagement with parents and integration with the community. Ensuring that teachers undergo quality training on regular basis to administer the pedagogy effectively has been a positive foot forward in yielding results. This improvement has made learning for these students a fun activity rather than just another mundane obligation. Along with academics, we also encourage age-appropriate character building and socio-emotional skill development of our students as a part of youth development. Blended learning model is crafted where virtual learning techniques go beyond classroom for sustained quality education for students. This initiatives largely focuses on below given three verticals.

Imparting Quality Education
Scholarship Program

TransUnion CIBIL has initiated Scholarship program along with its implementation partner since 2016, with an aim to create financial independence and to provide students with scholarships to support their ambition of pursuing highly employable Graduation and Post-Graduation courses. Providing financial aid in the form of grants and scholarships enables youth from low-income families and the underprivileged segment of society to pursue their education and desired career.

Scholarship is provided to youth for their entire duration of course, who qualify the set criteria through an online scholarship platform. Also, these students are exposed to structured soft skills training & mentorship program conducted by experts & employees of TransUnion CIBIL.

TransUnion CIBIL has awarded scholarships to over 3600 deserving students in the duration of last five years. Post completion of studies, these students receive jobs in respective fields and hence have been able to contribute to their family income. This initiative is part of our ongoing commitment to empower students with opportunities and better growth in the society.

Scholarship Process:

Scholarship Process
Supporting Cancer Treatment of Pediatric Patients

Through Health care initiative we aim to support the treatment of pediatric cancer patients, at large build a healthy community for all.

Due to lack of financial support, many family discontinue the primary prognosis & screening of cancer which leads to less chance of survival rate. Hence, with this Health care initiative, we aim to provide support for primary prognosis of approx. 420 children suffering from cancer who travel from rural villages and small towns for their treatment.

By financially supporting for the treatment, the primary prognosis are not delayed and timely support leads to decrease in the abandonment from treatment in the early stage, hence, improving the survival rate of the children suffering from cancer.

Supporting Cancer Treatment of Pediatric Patients
Phase 1: COVID-19 Relief: PPE kits Distribution

The COVID-19 pandemic emerged as a significant and global challenge creating disruption across the world. It made the social disparities more evident as people from the vulnerable communities suffered from hunger and had little access to safety gear. Realizing that during the lockdown health care workers, marginalized and under-resourced communities across the state would need support with health care & daily essentials, TransUnion CIBIL launched various COVID-19 relief drive program in 3 Phases.

Phase 1: Distribution of PPE kits to Hospitals

Phase 2: COVID-19 Relief: Dry food ration kits Distribution

Phase 2: Distribution of food ration kits

Phase 3: Donation of Medical Equipment to hospitals

Phase 3: Donation of Medical Equipment to hospitals

Phase 3: Donation of Medical Equipment to hospitals
Phase 3: Donation of Medical Equipment to hospitals

Employee Engagement activities:


TransUnion CIBIL’s CSR Program offers an opportunity to its employees to contribute in transforming the lives of the underprivileged by volunteering in various initiatives. GoodWorks@TU CIBIL’s involvement goes beyond community projects as our employees also provide their time and support by conducting various meaningful employee engagement initiatives regularly.

Different volunteering activities where employees of TransUnion CIBIL regularly contribute their time & knowledge.

Phase 3: Donation of Medical Equipment to hospitals

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