Project Shiksha

Imparting Quality Education


We support government schools through our implementation partner under a Public-Private Partnership model, which focuses on enhancing the quality of education, through a holistic intervention to improve teacher and student skills. Parental involvement is also key for boosting students' socioemotional growth and maximising impact. More than 2,300 students from under-resourced communities have gained access to education at par with students from mainstream schools. 

The strength of this approach lies in the following three pillars:

  • Following a multidisciplinary curriculum emphasising the development of strong academic foundational skills
  • Students, parents, and educators can track student progress by setting goals
  • Focus on enhancing teaching pedagogy through regular training

  • Focus on socio emotional and ethical development through regular empowerment, awareness, and sensitivity sessions along with encouragement to take part in sports and cultural activities for holistic personality development

  • Empowering parents as partners in education and enabling them to participate in effective decision making for their child’s development
  • Building awareness and trust in the community through education and engagement 

Meet Sonia, a grade 6 student from one of TU CIBIL’s supported schools. This is her story

Challenges: Sonia and her siblings were abandoned by their mother, leaving their father as the sole caretaker. Juggling a full-time job, he struggles to provide for the children alone. Sonia lacked a nurturing socio-emotional environment, became introverted, rarely participated in class, and her academic skills, especially in reading, suffered.

Intervention: Her teachers adopted various strategies to boost her class participation and develop her socio-emotional coping skills.

Impact: Sonia's academic performance notably improved, and she became actively involved in extracurricular activities, demonstrating her newfound confidence. Ongoing counselling offers her a supportive space, contributing positively to her well-being. 

*Note: All beneficiary numbers are indicative and will be updated from time to time