CIBIL Consumer Report

Make informed lending decisions with comprehensive reports on potential borrowers’ credit histories

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Access personal credit history reports to see the bigger picture and make an appropriate lending decisions
Understanding the credit habits of potential borrowers enables better lending decisions and can therefore help ensure sustained profitability of your business. The highly-comprehensive CIBIL Consumer Report provides extensive data on the credit histories of potential and existing borrowers, empowering you to lend with greater confidence while mitigating risk.
Based on millions of updates received by TransUnion CIBIL from a strong member base comprising banks, financial institutions, state financial corporations, non-banking financial companies, housing finance companies and credit card companies, the credit file information is broad and in-depth. It delivers insights into a consumer’s borrowings across lending institutions, helping you identify risk areas and disburse credit faster and with greater efficiency at all times.

Product Highlights
  • Access credit histories of potential borrowers

  • Gain insights into overall borrowings across lending institutions

  • Assess financial responsibility before you make a decision

  • Disburse credit faster, while sustaining business profitability

  • Lend with confidence and mitigate risk

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