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Personal Loan Score

Manage risk, reduce losses and make strategic decisions about personal loan applicants

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Use predictive analytics on personal loan applicants to make more informed decisions
Personal Loan Score equips lenders with detailed, predictive insights into the behaviour of personal loan applicants.
As India’s first and only offering of its kind, it effectively assesses whether an applicant is likely to default on a personal or consumer loan after 91 days within the next 12 months. Only personal loan (unsecured) trades are considered for scoring. 
By being able to distinguish a responsible borrower from one who is likely to default, you can lend with more confidence to customers and prospective borrowers, increase profitability and mitigate risk.

Product Highlights
  • Get predictive insight into personal loan behaviour to mitigate risk

  • Assess whether an applicant may default on a loan after 91 days

  • Personal loan trades are considered for scoring

  • Make more informed decisions about customers and prospects

  • Reduce losses and increase profitability

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