CreditVision New-to-Credit Score

Say Yes More Often for New to Credit borrowers

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Make better lending decisions with an accurate view of New to Credit Borrowers

Enhance your underwriting process with the CreditVision NTC score & predict risk on your entire through the door applicant base. Now, you can get a score for the “unscorable by the CreditVision Score” which will enable you with the ability to assess the credit risk of these New-to-Credit applicants/borrowers.

The CreditVision NTC score model works on the look alike model approach where for all enquiries made on a NTC application, a lookalike profile of the applicant is identified basis the demographic and application data available. Using the power of trended credit attributes (through CreditVision) of the lookalike profile and an advanced analytics model techniques, the NTC applicant is assigned a risk score ranging from 101 to 200.

Improve Risk Decision on the New to Credit Segment

Increase approval rates within the lenders’ current risk tolerance, providing enhanced financial inclusion opportunity while managing risk and hence increased profit

Acquire More Customers

Improve marketing results and reduce acquisition cost

Build loyal base of customers

On-board NTC customers early in their financial journey

Product Highlights
  • Get predictive insight into consumer risk of New to Credit Borrowers

  • Score ~25% of consumer inquiries previously deemed unscorable with the CreditVision score

  • Increase approval rates within the lenders’ current risk tolerance

  • Broader and a deeper view of consumer performance with CreditVision algorthims

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