Complete view of consumer credit history

Make better Lending Decisions with an accurate view of Consumer Credit RiskCreditVision® Score leverages the power of trended data, such as change in slope of consumer balances, revolving – transacting history on Card trades, behavior of excess payment, part payment on all trades, velocity of new loan uptake and payment ratios, as a continuous concept rather than discrete attributes over the last three years. This, in addition to the traditional credit attributes, provides a better prediction of risk in the changing retail lending environment. Improved data quality and enhanced length & depth of data insights also help provide risk information on hitherto unscored individuals, thereby enabling you to score better & score more.

Use enriched data and analytics for a more comprehensive view of consumer performance

Improve Risk Decisions

Increase approval rates within the lenders’ current risk tolerance, providing enhanced financial inclusion opportunity and increased profit

Enhance Customer Relationships

More precise lending decisions are made possible with broader and deeper view of consumer performance and sufficient period of history of trended credit file data

Acquire More Customers

Improve marketing results and reduce acquisition cost

Product Highlights
  • Get predictive insights into consumer risk

  • Score ~20% of consumer inquiries previously deemed unscorable

  • Increase approval rates within the lenders’ current risk tolerance

  • Get a broader and a deeper view of consumer performance with trended credit data

  • Gain insights into the consumer’s ability and intent to pay with additional payment data