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Stay on top of the credit market by knowing the geographic, demographic and borrowing behavior of your customers

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Intelligence reports give a macro view of portfolio performance for benchmarking and analysisMarket Insights is designed to provide you with a snapshot of your portfolio performance, allowing you to benchmark it against industry segments such as multinational corporation banks, private banks, public sector banks and non-banking financial companies.
By profiling customer bases based on geographic and demographic dimensions and behavioral borrowing patterns, you can maximize this vast, dynamic information repository and assess trends in the Indian credit market.
Compare delinquency rates, determine policies, conduct a SWOT analysis and optimize your business strategy – the enables and in-depth and objective analysis of the existing business scenario so you can evaluate your portfolio, make more insightful decisions and build robust competitive strategies.

Product Highlights
  • Get a snapshot of your portfolio performance

  • Benchmark performance against industry segments

  • Analyze and profile your customer base across dimensions and behaviors

  • Evaluate your portfolio and make more insightful decisions

  • Build robust competitive strategies

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