Early Risk Score

Validate intent to pay and predict defaults at origination for smarter lending

Assess risk, determine payment intent and early delinquencies with trended credit data capabilities.

In today's digital landscape, distinguishing genuine customers from fraudulent identities poses a substantial challenge — especially for short-term, unsecured personal and consumer durable loans. The TransUnion CIBIL Early Risk Score (ERS) suite empowers your business to identify and assess risks more effectively.

By leveraging trended credit data and robust identity insights, Early Risk Score delivers an in-depth picture of credit behaviours and potential intent assesment, supporting more informed acquisition decisions and maintaining a smooth, positive consumer experience.

Confidently detect out of pattern and early delinquency indicators, secure your digital lending processes and build trust with your short-term loan customers.


  • Identity verification: Utilises identity insights to confirm consumer authenticity
  • Behavioural analysis: Examines credit behaviours to predict potential risks
  • Intent to pay: Asses creditworthiness by analysing payment intent indicators
  • Early delinquency detection: Flags early signs of default to take proactive measures
  • Consumer experience: Maintains secure yet seamless consumer experiences
  • Holistic decisioning: Integrates with CreditVision Score for more confident acquisitions


Gain early insight into consumer intent.

Reduction in bad rates for secure lending decisions.

Enhance consumer experiences with friction-right onboarding.

Combine with CreditVision for holistic, top-of-funnel solution to help better lending decisioning.

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