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  • The information contained in these web pages ("information") relates to the suit filed accounts against defaulters of various banks, all India notified financial institutions (fis) and state financial corporations (sfcs). The contents of this information have been provided by various banks, fis and sfcs, pursuant to the directions of the Reserve Bank of India dated the 4th of june, 2002, bearing reference number dbod no.dl.bc. 111/20.16.001/2001-02 as modified from time to time. In the event any person seeking clarifications with respect to the information or being aggrieved in any manner, such person may directly contact the bank or fi or sfc concerned for clarifications and/or actions.
  • The information would also contain names of directors of defaulting companies in whose cases suits have been filed by the banks, fis and sfcs for recovery of their dues and would also include directors nominated by the government, banks, fis and sfcs. Some of the directors may be serving in a capacity as a professional director. This may be kept in view.
  • The information given is as reported by banks, fis and sfcs. Its accuracy, completeness and veracity is the responsibility of the concerned credit institution and not that of TransUnion CIBIL.
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